We make our clients happy...

...ultimately by helping them sell more of their products and services at outstanding returns on investment.

Our clients are always in the loop, always know what to expect and when to expect it and we never let them down.

When a new client takes us on we want to know as much about them, their team and their business as possible. The more we know, the more value we can add by proactively spotting and sharing opportunities where we see them.

This approach has brought us many long-term client relationships - both corporately and individually, as clients also take us with them to their new companies, when thay change jobs.

It also rewards us in that many new clients come to us through the recommendation of friends, family and colleagues, who are already Blue Chilli clients.

We manage and achieve all of this by having enthusiastic and talented people working together in an ambitious, supportive and rewarding environment.

Based in Harborne, a mile or so south west of Birmingham city centre, Blue Chilli started life in 2003 as a graphic design studio. The offering quickly expanded and by late 2004 we were tackling concept work, strategic briefs and offering our clients account management services.

Blue Chilli


Find out more about each of the individual members of Blue Chilli's award winning team

Andrew Hudson | Managing Director

Andrew Hudson

Managing Director

Mike Hutchinson | Creative Director

Mike Hutchinson

Creative Director

Cliff Darby | Account Director

Cliff Darby

Account Director

Jamie Peters | Lead Developer

Jamie Peters

Lead Developer

Greg Instone | Graphic Designer

Greg Instone

Graphic Designer

Clare Hudson | Graphic Designer

Clare Hudson

Graphic Designer

Mark Wilkinson | Web Developer

Mark Wilkinson

Web Developer

Helen Hutchinson | Office Manager

Helen Hutchinson

Office Manager